Lots of new singleplayer content & big performance improvements

Latest update contains a multitude of changes towards singleplayer campaign. Most notable changes include story content, as in dialogs, voices. We also took a few weeks to improve performance across many different CPU/GPU configurations.

In more technical aspects, we managed to do calls in less than 16 ms. That means that 60 FPS are guaranteed, even on low end systems. Also, HDR is now disabled by default while keeping other minor shaders. It still can be manually toggled, this is why we added an option to do it on the menu.

We also added an option to disable Story violence by default. This might be a controversial and also, a very difficult decision to make, since one of the core aspects of our game is the gore. However, this causes a lot of conflict within the story. In the story, a few of the "enemies" are your former friends. Turning these friends into a red paste doesn't make much sense. We don't believe this makes the game suffer, but the opposite: it is much more evolved now.

Designing by substraction is also a good phylosophy to follow. Do we really need X feature? By eliminating the noise we can focus on what's really important, that is the very core of the experience.

There's lots of changes we welcome you to try!

Here's the full changelog: 

  • Added new voices and assets.
  • Improved collision, rendering and more, to achieve less than 16 ms for processing.
  • Improved again font rendering
  • Updated levels
  • Dialogs are now minimal, and characters do speak for 90% of the duration of the audio file
  • Updated door
  • Added Shader Options
  • Updated menu background
  • Improved footstep sounds
  • Unlocked levels are now 8 for GDWC build
  • Improved rain rendering
  • Added brightness, contrast, saturation shader
  • When it rains, colors are less saturated
  • Improved camera movement on SP
  • Added “walk” entity, to make character walk on specific locations
  • Fixed interpenetration for boxes, on SP
  • AI improvements, on idle mode they move more predictably and will turn away when facing a wall
  • Added dialog for robot when sad Fly gets killed
  • Updated intro credits
  • Spine skeletons are not rendered on when they are not in screen. This improves performance
  • Added fancy hat for Fito
  • Joystick and keyboard can now be used dinamically. This means you can switch input mode by simply using pressing a key on desired device.
  • Player movement improvements
  • Grass rendering fixes
  • Added lights for buttons
  • Levels can now dump dialog information
  • More options for Spine based animations, on maps

Build is now live.


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Version 55 Aug 26, 2019

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