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A sci-fi adventure about friendship, love and what it means to be human.

At the moment, first episode of Story Mode is available. The following is planned:

  • PvE: Story mode Coop.
  • PvP: Last One Standing (bots supported)
  • PvE: Survival




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Updated 6 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorSETENTIA Studios
GenrePlatformer, Fighting
Made withHaxe
TagsAction-Adventure, Cute, Gore, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksSteam, Twitter, Community, Homepage

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hello. setentia i claim the game but u made so i cant download it with the claim thing

bring it back for only me. please.

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We noticed people had trouble claiming the game on the previous sales. Those who pay above 2.99 USD or any amount during 'pay what you want', will receive Steam keys, near release day.

Please contact us over Discord, so we can send you your key. Thanks!

EDIT: We are in the process of adding Steam keys so they can be easily requested over itch's purchase page. More info on this later.

EDIT2: Steam keys added!

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Seems like the game can't be claimed now, only download.

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Hello there! It's seems I can't claim this game, although I can download it? Weird bug

Someone in gamerpower.com made a fake claim that this is free when it is not.


The sale just ended! Feel free to follow us, as we run promotions from time to time. We plan on doing another sale in the near future.

Also, posting game updates next Monday!

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Hello, it says if i claim the game now its mine forever to keep. but i cant claim it and even after downloading it, it doesnt show up in my library. is there any other way i am supposed to claim it? because how else am i supposed to get future updates?


Hey, sorry for delay. We changed a few settings now and you should be able to claim it. Please try again, it should work, if not, please let us know! 

It worked now. thank you very much. :)

Is there/will there be controller support?

Xbox controllers are supported! Works everywhere, except on pause menu. Also supports hybrid keyboard-mouse/joystick.

Will PS4 controllers be supported in the future?

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On Windows 10 Ps4 controllers work automatically. On Windows 7 you might need to install a external program such as DS4Windows, very easy to use.

There's not much we can do, as our framework expects Xbox compatible joysticks. We might implement native joystick support, to use any kind, but is difficult and time consuming. We will implement custom key mapping, however.

EDIT: Excellent news. Looks like Steam gives support for PS4 and any Direct Input device, without the need of installing anything:

I still need to specify the mapping for it, as some values are off.


Thumbs up for controller support! ❤❤❤

A charming game indeed. I haven't got very far yet but loving the feel of it.
Possibly because I am running in potato mode I didn't see any fireflies at the end of the first part. I assume I was supposed to see something, but wild swiping grabbed a few

I am having a break from other things and having a go at optimising some of the resources.

PNGGauntlet is yielding very promising results and once I have done all the PNGs it should make a reasonable difference to load times and RAM use as well as distro size.
It uses lossless optimisations so no artefacts creep in. You could get smaller with other tools but I wouldn't recommend it.

I haven't looked at all the audio files, but 96kHz is over the top for game audio files. Perfect for production and mastering, but should be mixed down for the final files. Most peoples audio will be 48kHz or even 44k so we are getting multiple layers of 96K audio mixed down on-demand to the final 2 channel 48k. Extra work not needed by the PC and better done beforehand.
They can be at least half the current quality and save a lot of footprint.
Again this should lead to improved load times and RAM use.

All together it may yield a bit of performance boost, especially for potatoes.

Hey, sorry for delay and thank you for such detailed feedback! Are you a Linux user under Wine by any chance?
Regarding optimizations, we are doing it as we go, and where are required. There's a lots of steps in that aspect. First step was game optimization (as in performance). Assets optimization is on the TODO list and PNGGaunlet sure it comes handy! We pushing an update after holidays that uses it.

In our tests, loading of complex maps only took aprox 5 seconds on worst case scenarios. What are your system specs?

And... yes, we also need to optimize sounds & music, make them all 48k or so. That is very noticeable on dialogs, where thefirst ones used heavy compression and sounds like a AM radio.

Oh, and the fireflies are disabled on potato mode. All fancy effects are, but fireflies are a story component in level 2, so we gotta tweak that, ty.

Thanks again!

I actually don't have an issue with load times as the system in use is an laptop with an SSD running Win10.
CPU Intel i5 2.6GHz and crappy intel GFX.

My optimised images version doesn't make much impact on the overall distro size, but it seems I can now use the non-potato mode fine but with the shader options off.
It does seem to be worth the effort but is one of those things you won't know for sure til you do it.
I understand it is often engine dependent, and how those resources get used and how many etc.

I should point out I have been optimising resources for games since the 16bit Amiga days, and am usually involved in a few Unreal engine projects.
Optimising is second nature now.

Yeah with the audio always try to mix up into the workspace available, rather than down or the lack of effective bandwidth means audio compromises don't always work.
Tiny spot effects without much variation in sound or pitch for example can be saved at a frequency just above the frequency they actually use. That is the ultimate in audio optimising but is time consuming and not needed these days.
I would still recommend dropping most of the clips to mono which will halve the amount of channels needed for mixing, allowing for the samples to not tread on each other.
The music and complex sounds need the bandwidth of the full DVD 48k stereo, but vocal clips can be at a lower than CD quality without noticeable degradation as the human voice does not carry all those high frequencies. 44k mono would be more than enough, unless the samples have panning and complex ambience.

(2 edits)

Hey, sorry for delay! Glad to know optimized assets improve performance :D I asked if you were a Linux user, because they often provide great feedback about specific things, and your first post was similar. Looks like I wasn't wrong about your technical knowledge!

We've been making games for quite a while, but mixing of sounds is something we should investigate further. For some reason we don't yet know, some sounds are louder than others. This is regardless of sample volume. I believe it might something to do with frequencies, sample rate or something. A quick & dirty hack we do, is to reproduce the same sound twice, so it gets louder. For example, in this game, armor_break1.ogg - armor_break2.ogg sounds. This doesn't always work. However, the library we use, automatically decreases music volume when other sfx is playing, so that's good. So, yeah, we have volume issues. If you happen to know why, it would be insanely helpful!

Oh, so, you mean, that if the sample doesn't have stereo information, then it should be mono, right?

Thanks for your feedback again <3


i play with valve's proton (wine fork) on ubuntu linux, it spit out errors  related to sound assets

Error after opening sound data
Error after opening sound data
ESound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/female2/refusal_4.ogg"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/female1/confirmation_4.ogg"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/male1/completion_5.wav"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/player/step_water1.ogg" ...

Wow, that's actually super useful since we are having issues with sound at the moment and not sure why and don't understand why sometimes it happens and sometimes dont. Do you happen to have the full log just in case? How does it run on Linux (performance wise)? Thanks!


Here is the full log of version 46 and version 47. Version 47 doesn't even start, it crash. I test it with proton 3.16-8 beta.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks a lot mate! We created a new build just for you (version 49). It shouldn't crash at startup and we removed the caching of sounds because looks like its causing issues. Also we enabled -verbose mode to, hopefully, have more information in case it crashes again. Please let us know how it worked out for you. Thanks again!


Sorry for late reply, unfortunately version 49 still crash on both proton and wine tkg 4.3. Here is the terminal message with WINEDEBUG=+relay.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to send us this. From the log can't clearly see what would be the issue. Anyhow, we created another build for you (build 50). Please, give it a try and let us know if does run. In case it crashes, if you can share a simple log like #46, #47 would mean a lot. Thank you!

glitched into the ground, first level or tutorial underneath the wall jump course

Oh, that's very sad to hear. Glitches of this kind are very very rare and when they do happen you can usually walk out. However, if you can somewhat send us a screenshot of the exact location we could investigate further. Thanks for playing!

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I'm very sorry i closed the game already but i as i said i was just a little into the tutorial where you had to do wall jumps between two close walls and was stuck beneath the right one. I was stuck like half a meter or so meaning that i could fire out of my doom if in the right angle. I also couldn't move a bit which madee it impossible for me to escape. I believe it happened when i jumped off the second wall


I will attach a photo of the location of the event about today evening

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I am incapable of figuring out how you are supposed to move in this game via keyboard, I tried all commonly used keys for movement and have had no luck. However some keys do work, they just don't allow me to move.

Also I find the flying robot to be getting on my nerves. 

Edit: Thanks for the help!

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Make sure the game has focus. Also try fullscreen on options. If you have a gamepad connected game will switch to joystick controls instead. WASD and arrow keys are default on keyboard.

Other players experienced the same. Seems like the game detects input in a wrong way. Go to Options -> Disable Joystick (even if you don't have one). A proper fix is in the way!

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cannot turn off music and lower volume of sound effects?

Oh, thanks for reminds us of that. The new UI still needs a few tweaks. Fixing it on next update!

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We just enabled the much more fiendly comment box. Sadly it removed the posts from the old community (there weren't many though). Here's the featured videos people posted: