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1-4 players platformer about friendship, love and what it means to be human. Adventure, action and puzzles, contrasting cute and gore effects, also including RPG elements.

Currently featuring multiple game modes, 1-4 players:

  • PvE: Story mode (in progress, only tech demo level). Coop is supported!
  • PvP: Versus (rounds)
  • PvP: Last One Standing
  • PvE: Survival


About us:


Please check this guide to see how levels or custom masks can be added.

Online via

You can now play local multiplayer online using Parsec!

How to play:

  1. Download the client from http://parsecgaming.com
  2. Run it and create an account. Get your friends to do the same.
  3. If you want to host, click "Add A Computer". In settings you can set what apps your friends can see/control too.
  4. To join a friend who's hosting, add them using their Parsec username, and request to Co-Play.
  5. Run the game, and friends can play just like they're sitting next to you!

Native Online is currently being worked on.



  • Find us on Twitter or Facebook for news.
  • Join our Discord server for custom content and chit-chat with the developers.
  • You can also provide feedback using the comment section below.


🏆 We got 3rd place on #Potenciate contest!  🏆

Thanks everyone who made this possible!

Remember this is a work in progress. More content is being added periodically, so check back again soon!


Download Now
On Sale!
100% Off
$9.99 $0.00 USD or more

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Version 51

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Update coming soon. Currently working on this!


i play with valve's proton (wine fork) on ubuntu linux, it spit out errors  related to sound assets

Error after opening sound data
Error after opening sound data
ESound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/female2/refusal_4.ogg"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/female1/confirmation_4.ogg"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/speech/male1/completion_5.wav"
Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "assets/sounds/player/step_water1.ogg" ...

Wow, that's actually super useful since we are having issues with sound at the moment and not sure why and don't understand why sometimes it happens and sometimes dont. Do you happen to have the full log just in case? How does it run on Linux (performance wise)? Thanks!


Here is the full log of version 46 and version 47. Version 47 doesn't even start, it crash. I test it with proton 3.16-8 beta.

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Thanks a lot mate! We created a new build just for you (version 49). It shouldn't crash at startup and we removed the caching of sounds because looks like its causing issues. Also we enabled -verbose mode to, hopefully, have more information in case it crashes again. Please let us know how it worked out for you. Thanks again!


Sorry for late reply, unfortunately version 49 still crash on both proton and wine tkg 4.3. Here is the terminal message with WINEDEBUG=+relay.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to send us this. From the log can't clearly see what would be the issue. Anyhow, we created another build for you (build 50). Please, give it a try and let us know if does run. In case it crashes, if you can share a simple log like #46, #47 would mean a lot. Thank you!

glitched into the ground, first level or tutorial underneath the wall jump course

Oh, that's very sad to hear. Glitches of this kind are very very rare and when they do happen you can usually walk out. However, if you can somewhat send us a screenshot of the exact location we could investigate further. Thanks for playing!

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I'm very sorry i closed the game already but i as i said i was just a little into the tutorial where you had to do wall jumps between two close walls and was stuck beneath the right one. I was stuck like half a meter or so meaning that i could fire out of my doom if in the right angle. I also couldn't move a bit which madee it impossible for me to escape. I believe it happened when i jumped off the second wall


I will attach a photo of the location of the event about today evening

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I am incapable of figuring out how you are supposed to move in this game via keyboard, I tried all commonly used keys for movement and have had no luck. However some keys do work, they just don't allow me to move.

Also I find the flying robot to be getting on my nerves. 

Edit: Thanks for the help!

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Make sure the game has focus. Also try fullscreen on options. If you have a gamepad connected game will switch to joystick controls instead. WASD and arrow keys are default on keyboard.

Other players experienced the same. Seems like the game detects input in a wrong way. Go to Options -> Disable Joystick (even if you don't have one). A proper fix is in the way!

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cannot turn off music and lower volume of sound effects?

Oh, thanks for reminds us of that. The new UI still needs a few tweaks. Fixing it on next update!

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We just enabled the much more fiendly comment box. Sadly it removed the posts from the old community (there weren't many though). Here's the featured videos people posted: