Updated characters, rideable monsters, weapon Skins and more!

Another round of bug fixes, improvements and features! Here's the list for the full log:

· Added rideable characters
· Added Bots
· Improved GFX for all characters
· Added Battle Royale mode
· Added weapon skins
· Added ability to select Robot's name
· Tweaked mouth animation speaking time
· Added weapon SMG
· Improved all Ragdoll and Physics things (sounds, behaviour, materials, etc)
· "By Prop only" button property
· Added ammo, hp and armor on loot
· Added Tutorial entity
· Added Smarty Tall type
· Improved all things Antenna + Friendly Smartys
· Added skeletal based trees
· Added Radio communication + pain/death sounds for Smartys
· Improved GFX for Buttons
· Added working Negative Zoom + map entity
· Orbs wont explode anymore when touching blockers
· Improved all things riddeable (Spider)
· Ammo fixes
· Improved Crosshair
· Improved Explosions
· Added more Shaders options
· Crates will be dropped at button's position, if near a button
· Other improvements on GFX and minor bug fixes

Are you interested on creating custom content, such as weapon skins? Hop on our Discord!

Update is now live.


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