Unity Port Progress

Without further ado, here's what we've been doing over the last 6 months!

If you missed previous post, where we adopted Unity forward, here it is.

We are super close to complete the port. The fun begin afterwards, where we would add all new fancy Unity features. The sky is the limit!

Also check this new amazing art work by @natirupe:

Full change log here:

c8aa111 fixed sky camera issues - added pickable coin - minor fixes
0502fd4 animation improvements - pushables are now working properly
ee919b8 some minor fixes
84ecb96 added proper ragdoll for new skeleton!
2441b44 animation improvements
ed1c4ce double jumping and more animation polishing
6cd8f96 minor wall jump animation tweaks
83442ab fixed wall slide
6309eea now spread is read from properties - fixed trail renderers - ship entity now changes level
f9dc030 created ship entity that triggers all animations and custom stuff
81a4754 added punch - improved all "fire" animations - added more spine properties and entities - fixed socket key activation
f68196d added smg, with all effects - fixed interpenetration of smarty - some other animation fixes
93ddca1 created pushable prefab (to stand above), fixed Z order on robot, cosmetic improvements
e60c4ef lights on prefabs causes issues on windows 10, fixed -- also fixed light control not finding lights properly
21a9b12 added parkour, fixed animation issues for real
78acb17 proper hud selection, some unfinished animation tweaks
6878afa player can now drop from one way platforms - fixes on NPC villagers animations
2bac49d dialog options 99% finished, yaysies!
1a0cce9 finished dialog options
18e8f1c menu fixes
0d68621 working menu!
9d0040a added most levels, fadeout triggers next level number
d5f4f86 changes, etc
73cea40 fixed order issues, pushables improvements
204ecd3 robot is now properly hacked on/off
153fc06 robot can be controller and now triggers buttons added volumetric line
9cd3da3 added radio to hack doors fixes on torso animations added spread test fixed one way platforms
6041640 fixed dissapearing pushables
e5238ba performance tweaks, so it achieves smooth 75 fps !
d3a7b8e added more weapons (melee, blaster, etc) added console pro
634dbf7 radial menu that opens with right mouse button!
65b172f ragdoll for smarties done-ish!
c42baa6 some improvements on ragdoll!
fdb94df added smarties bipeds can be killed and will play animations and such improved anim system added utils.getplayer alive condition for biped added health bar for bipeds
7f1d48f added all singleplayer levels, and one versus
cfcd9d6 updated corgi fixed npc colors
1fb774f fixed performance issues with corgie (disabled/enabled components automatically on npc.cs) added optimizers, but not used hopefully fixed "flipped" property
4e8800f minor changes to achieve very smooth 75 fps - before corgi 6.6 update
74f0d36 new terrain material added level selection (wip) added voices fixed aiming issues added custom folder for dialogs
aa93441 character switch now uses procamera fixed issues with bipeds walking
e9102cd entites with "follow" now follow the player if triggered by "follow" entity added first tests on new terrain removed full screen editor because caused crashes
9647286 added fullscreen editor
c599848 added pro camera, fixed wall jump issues
ef64b2d second take on music, added fade out, fade in
961aab8 added reproduction of music! first take
162ac47 multimanger can now fire same entities multiple times, trigger camera can now restore a camera back to a player
0f5942b added trigger_camera to follow entities (such as balloon)
74cd6e1 change level, fades, other fixes!
e4c3661 triggers can now trigger with specific game objects, even pushables
be6a5d3 dialogs can now fire multimanagers properly
8d03d30 added interactables for trigger_use and dialog_random, transparent on enter, dialog_random now works!
248f6f4 button for toggle in-game gizmos!
7ef1411 dialog_random and improvements on trigger_use - post processing tests - changed xhair
4758c01 gun none and character switch for fito and fita
acf3f61 finished trigger_use, added priority animations for fito and fita
5d56af1 trigger_use, 90% done! and fixed 'invisible' doors opening by default
ec66baa now villager (alien monster generic) does spawn with random body options, added Utils class, some other minor fixes
6b6cf93 added fly camera, fixed issue when facing directions
1c42832 now all generic entites use the same prefab
e6537f3 second round of performance improvements: aprox 130 FPS
ccc2487 Now it works on Windows 10, fixed some collision performance issues about Corgi, by adding new entity type
58e11c9 Game now compiles, yay!
73154cf all spine entities from level 2, some minor performance improvements
0a985c0 new levels, first take on generic AI !
d60328a flipped status, material lighting tests and light beams for "portal_blocker" !
7f5875c No clip mode, added light material test for door, tweaked skybox
f49d89b Fixed corruption of files, take two -- added more spine entities
24b0d9c FIxed corruption of files, renamed Gameplay to StateGamePlay
911642a Rain! Map entity setup is now done at spawn, hour can be set -- Changes on particle lighting, bullets, shells, etc
23ad829 Day night can be now triggered from triggers!
66528a9 Day night system is now using 0-24 hour format
a7f1140 Fixed skybox parallax
ec9f547 Dynamic day/night system!
805752a Tweaked lighting a bit, before testing Lost Crypt project
2781ea5 Lights are now parsed correctly, with RGB color!
e4b83a5 Updated project to use URP, added Ferr2D
e645d7d Added ZippyLights2D, before URP
3d4e28b Added ladders! Improved bullets/weapons. Added Sci-Fi Arsenal
33fa14f Added proper aiming!!
13c14cf Fixed one way platforms!
3be3769 Added 2DFX and Dispensers!
38acabc Generic AI for larv finished -- broke squashing and stretching, fix later
29b6ffe Added more spine entities. Added larv as monster generic, first round
b8c5487 Added some spine entities, now TiledObjects are updated less, and editor performance is better.
574056b Robot faces right/left
523ff85 Robot AI!
1238260 Buttons! Map setup, added Scene Manager - Other minor fixes.
c7bf71b Door horizontal done, some tests and fixes on one way platform entities
b22605f Added vertical doors with animations, fixed issues with buttons!
4c14b68 Horizontal platforms + activation + grabbable objects + fixes
44eaefc Horizontal moving platforms, baby!
ca691d1 Progress on entitites
583d183 Dialog baby!
5d07a35 Pathfinding complete-ish, weapons can now be selected, ragdoll works-ish
bfea655 Pathfinding round 3, now shoots and faces target!
e368d1f Pathfinding, take 2
09ebcc1 Pathfinding, first round, basic functionality
bee8c38 Some proper wall climb? Character 90% complete
f48eb92 Added fito skeleton, first implementation of player, test for spawming loot and playing sounds on ambient_sound
a604c4e added TiledObject tag when a TiledObject2D is added, and MainScript with Globals and TimerManager on level load

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