Prologue beta is ready!

We are proud to annouce that after a year of development, we have ready the first draft of our prologue! This contains 95% of the planned changes. This includes new levels, new characters, new GFX, new AI, a boss battle, gameplay improvements and much much more!

We released different updates this year, with the only purpose of achieving this goal. We are happy to see we met our goals date after date.

Next year we aim for finishing this project. This will include new multiplayer arenas, improvements and completing Fito and Fita's story. You are in for a ride.

Thanks so much for being part of this process!

Here's the changelog:

· Added and Updated prologue levels
· Fixed player stop moving when questions are up
· Fixed dialog not making speaker do mouth animations
· Fixed random raining
· Robot won't shoot enemies on stealth mode
· Added more dialogs
· Added xmas hats for December!
· Updated colors to fix issues for color blinded people
· Fixed dialogs not triggering on some special cases
· Questions can now be selected using joystick
· Fixed UI weapon selection for joystick
· Added new Arena Bubble, where player must survive waves of enemies
· Fixed 'on focus' property on joystick
· Removed fall damage for players
· Added state demo end.
· Fixed player moving while cut scene is playing
· Added ship boss
· Weapon selection is now disabled where it should be
· Added HP bar for normal Smarties
· Other minor changes

Update is now live for those who own the game. Come back on December 19th at 10am PT to January 2nd at 10am PT to get a discounted copy.Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Version 65 Dec 17, 2019

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