Unity free Tech Demo released!


We are now proud to announce, that after some 8 months of hard work, we have available for you a small tech demo containing a few important features of this project.

This port was possible with the support of early adopters and everyone who helped before, providing suggestions and helping us to fix different issues. You can find the original post here.

What can I find inside?

The first thing you'll probably notice, is a new menu. Is now blurry and dark, but the idea is to have a dynamic backgrond that matches the current chapter you are currently in.

Also, we are planning to replace the main game logo for a one a bit more serious. We have a super cartoony logo that won't match the aesthetics of the whole game:

The second thing you'd notice, is a different character and different proportions. It features a complex animation system that supports layers and meshes to deform the character in better ways. The overall look keeps the magic from the first character, while adopting new technology. This basically means a more readable character, and a wider range of animations.

All movement features of the original game are in. The parkour system got better, featuring a new 'drop down' from platforms:

As for combat, we added all weapons, items and shooting mechanics. They feature new particle effects and lighting is better (muzzleflashes light up in the dark). For now only the basics are in. Hurt effects are improved, as now blood sticks to surfaces. We still need to have different types of enemies and adjust damage values:

For stealth, same old mechanics are in,  but we introduced a new style of assasinations, which basically does a choreography between two characters:

Ragdolls are improved. They now retain all original features of the skeleton, plus we improved the system by activating ragdolls in a event, inside of any "death" animation. This is noticeable when you stab in the back an enemy, it drops down, holds himself for a bit, then ragdoll kicks in. Idea in the future is to use the best of the two worlds: specific hand made deaths animation, and ragdoll activating later.

Graphics are improved, but we still have a long way to go. Parallax effect for background is in. You will find an updated terrain system and updated assets. They feature simple shaders for simulating wind.

Customization is there too. Is quite simple and super basic, but it works. Idea later on, is to have multiple skins for different body parts or weapons, and have the player collect them by looting around or by completing challenges.

New graphical effects are implemented but not yet used all around. You'll find a small section featuring a new shaders for mirrors, for refraction, etc. They all work on the current renderer, so that's a great thing, since there could conflict between shaders, custom skeletons and renderers:

The hurt/injury system is also featured. Idea is to feature the vulnerability of the characters, by having them limp around and walk slow the more hurt they are. Perhaps needs to be toned a by down, or turn on this system if a critical injury was present. We will see. We are always open to suggestions, but looking hard for feedback on this specific matter:

The good-old shoot dodge is in. Now featuring proper animations. Yay!

This is now the updated road map:

Hope you like the progress we made so far. Things are getting bigger and better!

Let us know what you think and how the game run for you, performance-wise.  Remember you can wishlist us on Steam!

Download the demo from the main page!

Thanks for your continued support, see you on the next dev log!


Unity Tech Demo (free) 190 MB
May 13, 2021

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