Unity Tech Demo coming soon - Early supporter rewards!

With the ever increasing occurences of titles that promised everything under the sun, but delivered an awful experience (if the title was actually released and developer didn't run with the money), we thought we could do things better.

The support received here, on itch was amazing. Basically buyers helped us to continue to fund this game, specially, this new Unity undertaking.

This is why we would like to give them a piece of mind, and show our appreciation. SUPER Cute Alien has been in development, one way or the other, since 2017. We changed frontends, backends, reworked code and changed visual styles multiple times. It was all for this. And we couldn't be more happy because is now what we always wanted, hey, it's even better.

Ups and downs are expected in development, but the time we are taking to release this project might worry someone.

That being said, here's the news, and what to expect from this project, from now on:

  • The game, from now on, will keep its current title, but for clarity, we would add later "Definitive Edition", so it's not confused with old version.
  • We will be commited to an "open doors" transparency mode, so, a Unity tech demo will be available for everyone to try, for free.
  • An exclusive skin, for itch buyers will be available.
  • Regular version will decrease it's price, until Definitive Edition replaces it.
  • All buyers from regular version will have access to the Definitive Edition.

Please stay tuned as we prepare a small demo for you to try. It should be up on Friday May 14th, and game will be in "pay what you want" mode.

Thanks for your infinite support!


Unity Tech Demo (free) 190 MB
May 13, 2021

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