Big 'Foundation' Update: new content + fixes + improvements

Latest update brings a lot of new content! Feel free to check the video and here's a list of the things we changed so far:

  • Added new Forest and WAU assets
  • Level improvements
  • Added different angles for tiles
  • Added parkour, which helps the player grab corner of edges or jump small tiles
  • Added armor/health combo for player, instead of 3 hits.
  • Improved rendering of fonts in some cases
  • Added player portal effects
  • Added punch combos
  • Added map based Pex particle emitters
  • Added handicap option for players
  • Added step sounds for monster generic Improved ladders usage
  • Improved all things bloddy
  • Monstermaker is now triggerable and improved effects
  • Fixed slime hurt
  • New WAU look and added a warning sprite for Smartys
  • Smartys won't see player in cover
  • Smartys will drop current gun if player is out of weapons
  • Fixed crates not flying after a punch and interpenetration issues
  • Improved sounds and effects for molotov and flamethrower
  • Fixed sound issues for chainsaw Improved enemy bullets
  • Added sprite based, pick-able Trigger
  • Added warning sprites for grenades
  • Improved flame effects
  • Flames will hurt players if they have armor now
  • Added Race game mode, and improved the way game modes appeared
  • Added Punch Out game mode
  • Improved Epic Round, so is now limited to 60 seconds
  • Disabled Zombie Mod
  • Spawner/Loot fixes
  • Dialog now correctly detect who's speaking and proper talk animations will be seen
  • Added red warning for Drone
  • Other small fixes and improvements

Update is now live

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