Modding & ONLINE


SUPER Cute Alien curently supports two features that can be modded or created upon:

  • New levels can be added using Tiled editor. Just drop your .tmx files on assets/tiled/ folder. Naming convention goes like versus#.tmx or survival#.tmx (where # is level number)
  • Custom masks for multiplayer can be added. Just drop your .png files on assets/custom heads/. They must be 128x128 pixels. Naming convention is: custom#.png (where # is player ID)

ONLINE via Parsec

You can now play SUPER Cute Alien online with your friends using Parsec!

How to play:

  1. Download the client from
  2. Run it and create an account. Get your friends to do the same.
  3. If you want to host, click "Add A Computer". In settings you can set what apps your friends can see/control too.
  4. To join a friend who's hosting, add them using their Parsec username, and request to Co-Play.
  5. Run the game, and friends can play just like they're sitting next to you!

Native Online is currently being worked on.

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Version 50 Mar 18, 2019

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