Major AI overhaul

Latest update changes the way the AI behaves to have a more interesting combat.

Enemies now will patrol over the terrain.  Enemies won't chase you as soon as you are on the screen, they have to actually face you and see you. Unaware enemies can be killed faster. This gives you the option to do some sort of stealth, because you can also now see over the screen borders some sort of warning of proximity:

You can, of course, use more extreme methods but we think the more real the enemies feel, the better the inmersion.

With this AI overhaul we also feature new GFX for the main enemies. 

Full change log:

  • improved AI for patrolling

  • added screen warning for nearby smarties

  • smarties can now drop weapons

  • new smarties gfx

  • ragdoll for player is now affected by bullets and other player movements

  • fullscreen and antialiasing options are now properly saved

  • collision fixes

  • spine can now be set to be removed after playing animation

  • added watch tower

  • slow motion tweaks

  • triggers can now trigger inactive triggers

  • improved clouds fx

  • objetives are now added as question marks ? and ! for action needed

  • added idle mode for player (for holstering a gun)

  • enemy drone fixes

  • fita is now more pretty

  • robot companion shooting fixes

  • npc and crates can now be punched

  • fixed bullet origin bug

  • added item stat for TIER levels

Update is now live.

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Version 47 Mar 13, 2019

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