EVA2018 + Multiplayer overhaul

We recently showcased our project at EVA 2018, an argentinian video game expo!

We received lots of feedback!

Here's the multiplayer changes, thank you people <3

Video of EVA2018 will come soon!

  • Added player status to HUD indicators
  • Maps were tweaked so players wont fall easily
  • Nerfed RC Drone
  • Hiding bush will now fade away if player moves too much
  • RC Drone is now affected by explosions and wont knock out players
  • Improved spawn/respawn to increase visibility
  • Improved player selection animations
  • Fixed genkidama sound when dead
  • Improved visibility of knock out effect
  • Tweaked chainsaw collision so is a bit easier to kill other people
  • Ragdoll's fire won't burn other players after 1 second
  • Chainsaw will have chances to cut trhough shields
  • Fixed players not being killed if they were in the process of crawling
  • Players can jump a bit higher if crawling
  • Vendetta removed
  • Added new world:

  • That's it for now. Build is now live.


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Version 41 Nov 08, 2018

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