Major singleplayer/multiplayer update

Latest game update contains a multitude of changes. These include:

  • New story content
  • New weapons
  • Multiple game fixes
  • Updated maps, including tutorial and challenge zones
  • Updated GFX and SFX
  • Greatly improved cameras for multiplayer game modes.
  • New character voices
  • Extra players feature that enables 6 players support.
  • Zombie mode. Players that get killed turn into zombies. The zombie that kills the latest human gets a point OR if the latest human kills all zombies gets a point.
  • Added a character that likes chemicals.
  • Fixed drone crash
  • Fixed ghost collision on ragdoll
  • Fixed controller disconnected crash
  • Chainsaw is now harder to use
  • and more...

Update is now live.

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Version 35 Oct 09, 2018

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