Last man standing and upcoming Battle Royale

Latest game update comes with a multitude of changes, from additions, polishing and bug fixes. Primarly, Last man standing, which would be the fundation of an upcoming Battle Royale mode. Battle royale in 2D? Yeah, we will see how that works out!


  • Last man standing mode has been added to VERSUS.
  • A new menu has been added with support for many different UI options.
  • Pressing ENTER on VERSUS now brings up a menu where you can pick any level you want.
  • Eyes in Character Customization are now replaced by add-ons, such as glasses, eye patch.
  • A new type of secondary background has been added.
  • VERSUS levels are now more balanced and they all now have the same tiles.
  • A countdown has been added for item dispensers, so players know when a item is going to pop up.
  • Killing other players in certain conditions will make a text appear, such as Double Kill/Humiliation.
  • Throwing weapons to other players is now more easy.
  • Character animation updated.
  • Players now can't kill themselves when throwing swords.
  • Auto shotgun range decreased.
  • Improved backgrounds for all game modes.
  • New VERSUS 'two towers' map.
  • Useless smoke grenade is now replaced by deadly toxic smoke.
  • Knocking other players will know trigger slow motion.
  • Shaders can now be disabled.
  • Disclaimer screen will only appear once.

Demo branch is still not updated.

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Version 16 Jun 04, 2018

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