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SUPER Cute Alien

A cute/gore 1-4 players platformer about friendship, love and what it means to be human. · By SETENTIA Studios


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Recent updates

Game update
Latest game version comes with a few changes, specially on AI: New main menu. Smarty enemy types now display emotions and have new heads. On next updates, the e...
1 file
New map
Latest update includes a map that features breakable tiles . Have fun!
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Itch.io Summer Sale update
This update contains a multitude of game fixes and additions. Those include: 4 New levels. Old levels were tweaked. New drone weapon Improved GFX (less contrast...
1 file
Last man standing and upcoming Battle Royale
Latest game update comes with a multitude of changes, from additions, polishing and bug fixes. Primarly, Last man standing, which would be the fundation of an u...
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VERSUS update
game 168078, version #71173 (win) It includes multiple game changes related with Versus game mode, which also affect all multiplayer game modes. Those include...
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Survival improvements and fixes
game 168078, version #60387 (win) When grenades exploded outside screen boundaries, game crashed. This now fixed. This update also includes new GFX and other ch...
2 files
Survival crash hotfix & fixes
game 168078, version #60387 (win) A crash was detected yesterday on Survival mode after players are burned by molotovs. Here's the full changes: Survival moloto...
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