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Follow Fred Thompson on an emotional, action packed search for redemption, through many missions based upon real scenarios.

  • Total Half-life conversion.
  • Great singleplayer campaign, with complex story involving lots of characters and locations.
  • Realistic and fun gameplay.
  • Drastically improved AI.  
  • Unlockable content.
  • Player profiles.
  • Dynamic sound tracks.
  • Bump and specular mapping, realistic flashlight and lighting.
  • Post-processing effects.
  • Tons of weapons & items with different dynamic customization and addons.
  • Non lethal weapons and NPC surrendering system.
  • Rainbows: An operative system which allows the player to interact with computers in a way never presented on game's history. Take a look here.
  • Easy to customize game options.
  • Particle systems.
  • Stealth mode (you can hide in shadows)
  • Character growth: you can earn experience points which improves your character's skills.
  • Professional level designers, programmers, composers and voice actors cooperates in the project.
  • Totally new HUD which disappears dynamically and features overlays (blood splatters, raindrops and more)
  • Realistic and immersive camera movement.
  • Weather effects.
  • LOOT system with item drops, including rare weapon skins you can customize in-game, on the fly.

Claudio 'SysOp' Ficara, RED_NED, Alex "HAWK" Bakanov, Joël "Shepard" Troch, Killer_Zeta, FoxTrop, with help from a dozen of collaborators over the forums :)

We wish to thank Half-Life Creations for inconditional support and ARRANGEMENT's community for always being there to help!

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Install instructions

⚠️ A Half-Life 1 copy on Steam is required ⚠️

Using your favorite archive software, extract the "AM" folder to "$SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Half-Life" ($SteamLibrary represent the path of your Steam library where Half-Life is installed, unless you changed your Steam settings, it should be by default : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam")

Restart Steam.


AM needs Frame Buffer Objects disabled (otherwise expect graphical glitches).

You can launch the mod via "$SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Half-Life\AM\Launch.bat"

Or in your Steam game library, right-click on "ARRANGEMENT" -> "Properties" -> "Set launch parameters" and just type -nofbo


Just select 'Go to HUB' in game menu.


arrangement_techdemo_ver1.0.rar 951 MB
am_tech_demo_patch_1.zip 1 MB
Arrangement_CompleteSoundtrack_RichDouglas.zip 65 MB
arrangement-marceloOST.zip 6 MB

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